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We are bridging the gaps in clinical oncology and research by creating solutions for healthcare providers to serve their patients effectively, saving time and money, and providing valuable data to enhance treatment protocols and advance cancer drug development.

Our software, Gukiza, will reduce hospitalizations and readmissions by storing valuable data on patient-reported outcomes and previous interventions to ensure efficiency of care.

Through remote patient care and side effect monitoring, Gukiza will ease the time burden of both patients and care teams. It will also reduce the cognitive burden of oncology care teams, enabling them to deliver timely care to a growing patient pool.

Gukiza streamlines patient-oncologist comms and reduces the need for off-duty calls by providing AI support to care providers. Gukiza’s AI models will also predict the likelihood of treatment dropouts and severe side effects to aid oncologists in tailoring treatments appropriately. 


Clinical Trial Software

In 2022, the FDA emphasized the need for representation of racial and ethnic minorities in clinical trials and provided diversity guidelines for pharma companies to ensure safety and efficacy of medications.

To avoid costly rejections, pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations need diverse data from underrepresented communities in and outside the US in order to factor in cultural nuances and ensure adequate representation.

We conduct a comprehensive on-site clinical trial site evaluation for all our Hurone AI partner sites. Our software automates cohort discovery, patient recruitment and trial matching, adverse events reporting to support phase III clinical trials.

It also gathers diverse, de-identified data to provide valuable insights and support phase IV post-FDA approval trials in order to advance cancer drug development and improve drug safety and efficacy in underrepresented populations. 


"...Hurone AI is a great example of how customers in our Health Equity Initiative are innovating truly novel solutions that can easily scale using cloud technology to bridge gaps in our global healthcare system and drive positive outcomes."

Danielle Morris, Health Equity Lead, AWS