How AI is helping cancer patients

Founded in 2021, Hurone trained Gukiza on open-source patient databases to recognize the progression and side effects of various forms of cancer. 

By monitoring patients remotely in what Kingsley Ndoh, Hurone’s founder, calls “underrepresented populations,” the AI is designed to feed doctors with real-time data.

White House Cancer Moonshot

Hurone AI… is democratizing access to high-quality cancer prevention and care by building artificial intelligence-powered applications…

Hurone AI’s Gukiza app…allows oncologists to communicate with patients using digital devices, increasing the ability to provide care to more patients.

Best AI investments for healthcare

Hurone AI is a precision-care startup that allows doctors and patients to communicate through auto-generated text message prompts about symptoms. Hurone AI’s models predict the likelihood of severe side effects. 

The Hurone AI Story

Hurone AI’s platform, Gukiza, augments the oncologist. Gukiza means healing in Kinyarwanda, one of the official languages of Rwanda, where the platform is being tested.

Clinicians can see the status of their patients on a dashboard and customize pre-crafted messages.

How AI is accelerating cancer research

Hurone is integrating Amazon’s generative AI, known as Bedrock, to expand its personalized cancer treatment software for use by doctors at health systems in Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda.

Hurone AI's revolutionary technology

Hurone AI is building revolutionary and culturally-sensitive digital health solutions, powered by artificial intelligence to address this health equity gap. 

AI and the Global Oncology Shortage

Hurone AI is focused on high-quality cancer care.

Closing the health equity gap

For example, in Seattle, Washington-based startup Hurone AI is democratizing access to high-quality cancer prevention and care. The company is building AI-powered applications derived from data sources and algorithms from people of African descent to bridge the gaps of cancer care outcomes.

How AI can Accelerate Progress on SDGs

Hurone AI, a startup that’s been using AI to improve treatment access for cancer patients in Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda, is now using Amazon Bedrock,  to build applications for oncology care.

Towards Better Cancer Outcomes

Hurone AI is a Seattle, Washington-based company that is building an AI-assisted application that can help oncologists in sub-Saharan Africa better detect and treat cancer.

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The world is running low on doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. Even with the healthcare workforce expected to grow three times faster than the population, we’ll still need an additional 10 million clinicians by 2030…

Can Tech Build A More Equitable World?

“At Hurone AI, we emphasize the need to leverage diverse patient data in order to address the cancer care gap, advance health equity, and improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients around the world,” said Dr. Ndoh.

Floria Nyandaya

Research Fellow | Program Manager, Hurone AI

Floria Nyandaya is a physician-scientist dedicated to tackling health disparities in non-communicable diseases(NCDs) amidst Africa’s epidemiological transition. 

With a diverse background in primary clinical practice, healthcare management, infectious disease surveillance and NCD research, she has recently expanded her focus to digital health technologies. As a recipient of the Cardiometabolic Research Fellowship and the Thomas Francis Jr. Global Health Fellowship in her MPH program, Floria gained hands-on global health experience in the U.S., Nigeria, and Kenya. 

Her research endeavors have been multifaceted, from advancing women’s cardiovascular health to exploring the utility of artificial intelligence in enhancing renal and cancer care and addressing diversity gaps in clinical trial research. Continuously driven by her passion for making a tangible difference, Floria remains dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underserved populations.

Marko Stanojević

Engineering Product Manager, Hurone AI

Marko is the Engineering Product Manager at Hurone AI. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Belgrade Institute of Technology. His expertise in software engineering and product development plays a key role in Hurone AI’s success.

Marko’s ability to bridge technology and user experience has been vital in driving the launch of Hurone AI’s innovative products. His collaborative approach and adaptability ensure that the company’s solutions meet the highest standards.

Outside of work, Marko is passionate about technology and stays updated on the latest industry trends. His commitment to continuous learning makes him an invaluable asset to the Hurone AI team.