About Us

The Hurone AI vision was born after our founder, Dr Kingsley I. Ndoh, lost his favorite aunt to colorectal cancer. Dr Ndoh realized that many of the treatment guidelines used in cancer care and oncology drug development were not culturally sensitive and didn’t account for diversity and multicultural experiences. 

Hurone AI was created to build artificial intelligence applications that will close this gap and level the playing field to make the best possible cancer care accessible to everyone regardless of their geographical location. At Hurone AI, we believe that where you live should not determine if you live or die of cancer. 


Our Vision

To make AI-driven precision cancer care accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

Our Mission

We’re working everyday to accelerate global access to precision cancer care by leveraging the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to make health equity in cancer care a tangible reality. 


Our Team

Kingsley I. Ndoh

Founder & Chief Strategist 

Lior Romanowsky 

Chief Product Officer

Marijana Ruiz 

Finance & Operations


Nasim Eftekhari, MS

Executive Director, Applied AI and Data Science, City of Hope

Adam Yala, PhD

Assistant Professor, Computational Precision Health UC Berkeley & UCSF

Irene Dankwa-Mullan, MD, MPH
Former Chief Health Equity Officer, IBM Watson Health
Prof. Doyin Oluwole MD, FRCP, FWACP

Global Health & Management Executive

Susan Morgensztern 

Consultant in Emerging Health Technologies.

Prof. Isaac F. Adewole, FAS 

Chair African Cancer Coalition & Former Minister of Health, Nigeria

Raymond Ononiwu 

Head of Engineering at Hive Technologies, Ex-Microsoft