The AI landscape is evolving rapidly and the need to stand out has never been more important. So how is Hurone AI different from the multitude of AI companies being formed everyday? It’s because our mission goes beyond innovation.

We are committed to revolutionizing oncology care while championing global health equity. Our goal is to transform the landscape of cancer treatment, especially in underserved regions like Africa, Latin America, and the rural United States.

At the heart of our endeavor is Gukiza, our flagship software—an ingenious dual-interface platform designed to empower oncologists with real-time patient data and treatment insights, enabling swift and personalized decisions that can save lives.

What makes Hurone AI Different from other AI companies?

What makes Hurone AI truly distinct is our unwavering dedication to cultural sensitivity and people-centered technological solutions. We recognize that effective healthcare transcends mere technology; it demands an understanding of diverse clinical and cultural contexts.

This ethos drives us to customize our solutions, ensuring that they resonate with the unique needs of each community we serve. By prioritizing data diversity and local considerations, we are breaking new grounds in MedTech, leading the charge towards global health equity through intelligent technology.

generative ai in healthcare
L to R: Kanan Sawyer (AWS), Rob Francis, CTO, Swami Sivasubramanian VP, AI & Data (AWS), Nhung Ho, VP of AI at Intuit, Kingsley Ndoh, CEO, Hurone AI and Aravind Srinivas, CEO Perplexity

Our vision is grounded in people and their realities,” emphasizes Kingsley I. Ndoh, founder of Hurone AI. “We are committed to tailoring our solutions to align with the nuances of each region, ensuring that every patient receives optimal care, irrespective of geographical or economic constraints.

Hurone AI’s approach is anchored in empathy and innovation. We believe in creating AI solutions that not only respond to present challenges but also anticipate future healthcare needs on a global scale. This forward-thinking strategy propels us to the forefront of inclusive clinical research, harnessing our data insights to drive advancements in cancer drug development.

Hurone AI is working to make health equity a tangible reality

In an industry that is quickly becoming saturated, our commitment to cultural sensitivity and personalized care sets us apart. Our goal is to bridge healthcare disparities by deploying intelligent technology that speaks the language of diverse patient populations and respects their unique contexts. This ethos infuses every aspect of our work, from software design to strategic partnerships with healthcare providers worldwide.

Our focus is on creating AI that understands and respects the diversity of human experiences in healthcare,” Ndoh affirms. “By harnessing this understanding, we aim to better serve clinicians and patients alike, ensuring that our technologies evolve alongside the evolving needs of global health.

Hurone AI Founder, Kingsley I. Ndoh presenting at the UN summit on generative AI
Hurone AI Founder, Kingsley I. Ndoh presenting at the UN summit on generative AI

At Hurone AI, we envision a future where healthcare is not just accessible but truly inclusive—a future where every individual, regardless of background or location, can benefit from the transformative power of precision cancer care. Our journey is guided by a profound sense of purpose: to redefine the boundaries of possibility in oncology through innovation, empathy, and a relentless commitment to equity.

We are pioneering a new era

Join us as we pioneer a new era in healthcare, one where technology transcends boundaries to deliver personalized solutions that save lives and inspire hope. Together, we can build a world where cancer care is not a privilege but a fundamental right—a world where humanity triumphs over disease through the fusion of compassion and cutting-edge technology.

Hurone AI – transforming global oncology through the power of artificial intelligence. Together, we accelerate towards a future where health equity knows no bounds.

Floria Nyandaya

Research Fellow | Program Manager, Hurone AI

Floria Nyandaya is a physician-scientist dedicated to tackling health disparities in non-communicable diseases(NCDs) amidst Africa’s epidemiological transition. 

With a diverse background in primary clinical practice, healthcare management, infectious disease surveillance and NCD research, she has recently expanded her focus to digital health technologies. As a recipient of the Cardiometabolic Research Fellowship and the Thomas Francis Jr. Global Health Fellowship in her MPH program, Floria gained hands-on global health experience in the U.S., Nigeria, and Kenya. 

Her research endeavors have been multifaceted, from advancing women’s cardiovascular health to exploring the utility of artificial intelligence in enhancing renal and cancer care and addressing diversity gaps in clinical trial research. Continuously driven by her passion for making a tangible difference, Floria remains dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underserved populations.

Marko Stanojević

Engineering Product Manager, Hurone AI

Marko is the Engineering Product Manager at Hurone AI. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Belgrade Institute of Technology. His expertise in software engineering and product development plays a key role in Hurone AI’s success.

Marko’s ability to bridge technology and user experience has been vital in driving the launch of Hurone AI’s innovative products. His collaborative approach and adaptability ensure that the company’s solutions meet the highest standards.

Outside of work, Marko is passionate about technology and stays updated on the latest industry trends. His commitment to continuous learning makes him an invaluable asset to the Hurone AI team.