Generative AI is a pivotal technology for advancing health equity, so we are excited to collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS), by leveraging the adaptability and scalability of foundational models on Amazon Bedrock, to advance this goal.

At Hurone AI, we are committed to maximizing the transformative power of AI to make cancer care more accessible and available to everyone, everywhere.

Using our solutions, oncologists can monitor their patients and use several GenAI tools, like Amazon Bedrock, to save time, money and resources. We are committed to reducing the cognitive burden on cancer care teams and enabling them to be more efficient. 

Our intuitive data analytics platform provides detailed insights to support personalized patient care. We are also building and fine-tuning Large Language models to automate and support several phase III cancer clinical trials by biopharma companies and CROs in to help diversify trial participation safety and efficacy of cancer drugs.

The Hurone AI team is rapidly innovating using the most advanced tools co-designing and validating with oncologists in our partner sites in Latin America and Africa to ensure that we can close the care gaps and make cancer care equity a tangible reality.