cancer care

Hurone AI CEO, Kingsley I. Ndoh has emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence solutions for the advancement of cancer care in Africa and beyond. 

Kingsley spoke at the Tanzania – US Investors’ forum in Dar es Salaam where he presented a clear and compelling roadmap for AI implementation in the region, as well as other underrepresented communities. 

He was invited by Dr. Elsie S. Kanza, the Ambassador of Tanzania to the US, to showcase Hurone AI’s innovative solutions and share his vision for transforming cancer care with the power of AI. 

Artificial intelligence and digital health are key to Tanzania’s cancer control strategy, and Hurone AI received a pledge of support from President Hussein Ali Mwinyi, who expressed his government’s commitment to investing in digital health and AI initiatives.

The Tanzania – US Investors’ forum, jointly organized by the Ministry of Health in Tanzania, the Embassy of Tanzania in the US and the Global Health Catalyst (GHC), shows the great demand for innovative solutions like Hurone AI’s and how pivotal culturally appropriate AI solutions will be for the advancement of cancer care in Africa and other parts of the world.